Gift Certificate donations from local businesses to local charities are much, much more than a sporadic “feel-good” factor. 

It’s no longer capped, businesses are motivated to donate to silent auctions and raffles on a regular basis and they give more – more frequently too.

Velocity & Reciprocity

Using Givicity,  local businesses can harness previously untapped potential by giving in new ways when merging philanthropy + marketing. Donation seekers make requests anytime, and generally receive higher values in bundled donations with marketing materials to showcase donors participation and goodwill.

Growth for BOTH Businesses and Charities

Over $1.3mil has already been donated by restaurants and spas to charity fundraising events, earning an Innovation and Business Excellence Award too.

Coming to the 6ix, Spring 2017.
(Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough, York and Peel Regions)

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